since 1923

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Viareggio, in front of the Liberty-Style hotels in the town, GALLIANO is a café with a long history and a tradition of home-made ice cream and high quality pastries, run by the Vannozzi family for four generations. It was recently renovated to restore it to its original style with a pinch of modernity.

” At this moment in time,
the best café on the tuscanian coast. “

Our ice-cream spaghetti.

“An artisanal tradition of excellence.

In Galliano, we have always chosen the best local ingredients for our passed down through generations recipes, using them every day with the same passion, care and devotion since day one.

Each product that comes out of our laboratory, is the perfect synthesis of our history and the dedication for this art. We believe that every customer needs to be treated like a family member. That is the reason why we put quality of the product that we offer in the first place.

The highest quality is achieved by using the best ingredients that are as important as the environment where there are prepared. Hence all the customers can always trust that we provide the best service that anyone can get!