Spaghetti alla trabaccolara.

First dishes

In GALLIANO, we give you a great chance to taste authentic taste of world famous Italian classic- pasta in different forms and shapes! You can choose tomato sauce, beef ragout, pesto or amatriciana.  If you wish to try something you have never tasted before, we offer you a traditional sauce very typical in Viareggio, called trabaccolara. “Trabacco” was the name of the boats of the fishermen that came from San Benedetto del Tronto to live and fish in Viareggio from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. It was a sauce prepared on board, perfect yet simple.

All sauces are made every day by our cooks, just to make sure we serve you only the best products. Did you know that for Italians pasta is just one of the choice for a first dish? In GALLIANO food you can also find gnocchi or meat ravioli (called tordelli) with a sauce of your choice. Home-made food out? It’s possible only in GALLIANO.


In GALLIANO we have something for everyone. Salads are a great option for not only vegetarians, but also vegan and fish lovers. All of our salads are prepared every day using fresh and local vegetables. We prepare salads and pack them in plastic boxes, sealed to preserve freshness until evening and very comfortable to take away. There are four to choose from, all created with simple, yet delicious ingredients. Going green sounds tasty in GALLIANO.

Nizzarda salad.
Big Bang Burger.


Choosing local products has always been important to us, that is why our meat hamburgers are 100% made from Italian beef. Caring for your health, we have always been using a grill machine with mechanical belt. This way the meat doesn’t get overcooked and fat flows down in order to enhance taste and keep the burgers light for our health.

In our offer, we have 9 different burgers, amongst there’s a vegetarian soya burger. They are all different, but each one of them is special in its own way: from the classics that made the history of our kitchen until the most recent, 300 grams hamburger from 100% Italian beef in a multigrain bun for gourmands.

The America you like, made in Italy.

Fried food and snacks

A great choice of snacks is something everyone likes that’s why in GALLIANO you can choose between French fries (classics or round shaped), chicken nuggets, chicken wings, fish sticks or homemade meatballs. And since our location lets us, we can suggest you tasting codfish nuggets or a mixed seafood with shrimps and calamari.

Our fried specialty.