The Cafè

“We have a great history behind… But you didn’t miss anything.

After more than a year of researching and planning, in early 2016, the GALLIANO café has undergone a great renovation. For more than 80 years, since 1932, the building has not been much changed, only minor interior works had been done during the 80. and 90.  That is why having had such a huge renovation was a big step for the GALLIANO.


We redesigned all the working spaces as a solution to the problem of the “historical verandas” that all the other cafés have had. We created a wider and more functional workplace, to keep with constantly changing trends in labour space. The ice-cream laboratory and pastry kitchen are now adjoining, in order to enhance the collaboration in both laboratories.


The new counter made by Gelostandard has allowed us to expand our offer of products, dedicating an area also to the American Bar mixology, thanks to the high quality cooperation with of our best bartenders.


To create a place that was a delight not just for the taste buds, but also to please the eyes, we hired an architectural studio. “LC & CMS Capecchi e Summonti” located in Pietrasanta managed to create a modern café under all aspects that, at the same time, could keep on narrating our history, putting customers in the first place and making you feel at home.