Ice Cream

Pioneers of the Italian artisanal tradition

Enzo Vannozzi, the first son of Galliano, the founder, dedicated all his life to the production of high-quality ice cream. He was a great connoisseur of techniques to produce ice cream who was not afraid for experimenting. Enzo was focused on maintaining an excellent taste without losing the lightness of the ice cream he was creating. Moreover, he ran several training courses in Italy and abroad.

Enzo’s prestigious career brought him recognition in the world and he was awarded few different awards. He got 2 Oscar del Gelato Artigianale: the first one in 1972 was for famous Rose Petal ice cream, and then, a year later, in 1973, he won another one for zucchini-based ice cream cooked in milk, afterwards named “Versiliana”.

He had been pioneer of the philosophy that he liked to call “Total ice cream”. He claimed that you can produce ice cream starting from anything edible. Some of his creations, like tomatoes ice cream, gorgonzola-cheese ice cream or Zibibbo wine ice cream (sweet sicilian wine), made him obtain important collaborations with people like Gualtiero Marchesi and Iginio Massari. In the mid-90s, as a result of collaboration with Massari, Enzo founded an organization created to connect all the most important ice cream Maestros.


Enzo Vannozzi sadly passed away in January 2005. Fortunately, he left us his inheritance: a great dedication thanks to which we are able to continue pursuing the art of ice cream excellence. Bearing in mind the tradition that Enzo started, we recreate ice cream the way he made it, but also we try to be innovative and invent something new.

“Outstanding coffee granita with whipped cream”
– Gambero Rosso, 2015

Chocolate ice cream.

Total ice cream

“You can make ice cream out of everything, just respect the delicate equilibrium of ingredients” – Enzo Vannozzi

This keeps on being our philosophy and every day we aim to offer you an ice cream that respect thorough quality standard, because we want our products to have a memorable taste, but to be at the same time highly digestible and low-fat.

How do we do that? With a multistep productive process and long resting time for our compound, to enhance the best ingredients the market and our territory have to offer.

Sicilian granitas

You can call it slushy, sorbet or granite, no matter which name you use, but the choice for it, is only one- GALLIANO! A combination of 3 ingredients- fresh fruit, water and sugar- sounds very simple, but as always, we use perfect doses of each to combine it into a perfect refreshing and healthy mix!

We make them in our laboratory using special machines to keep the right low temperature and serve it to you in your preferable combination!

Strawberry granita.
Coppa “Elisabetta”.

Special ice cream desserts

We have 17 ice cream desserts in our menu! Some of them are classic – such as Affogato al caffè/cioccolato or fresh fruit salad with ice cream – while some are original creations of the Gelato Maestro- Enzo Vannozzi. He was perfecting the recipes between the 60s and 70s, adding and mixing famous liquors that match perfectly with the taste and the toppings in each dessert that we make until now.

To-go ice cream

If you want to take a walk on the beach while eating ice cream that come from a sure and healthy source, you have chosen the perfect place! We prepare ice cream and sorbets on the stick- using all of our original products. Since we dip, shaped like a penguin, ice cream in chocolate, we named it Pinguino, although some called it Mottarello (industrial ice cream that have similar shape). As mentioned before, we also offer a selection of sorbets on the stick to help you with cooling yourself during hot summer days.

If you fancy something you can find only in Italy, we would like to present you our semifreddo cream in biscuit cones, the handmade Bacio, which means ‘Kiss’ (hazelnut and chocolate ice cream ball with a whipped cream heart) and the Africanella (cream ice cream ball filled with candied fruit and fresh cream). Both Bacio and Africanella are covered in chocolate. What a delight for eyes and your belly!

It’s actually the to-go house!

Our “Pinguino” with it’s own mold
Our unmistakable zuccotto.

Semifreddo cakes

Our Zuccotto is an exceptional dessert to share with the people you love! A shell of sponge cake filled with semifreddo cream. The filling is based on whipped cream, nougat, rum and dark chocolate drops; available in different sizes to fit everybody’s needs.

You can also have a sit at one of our front sea tables, order it and have it to enjoy your moment of relax. We can also suggest a semifreddo tiramisu, available also in monoportions!