The whole-wheat croissant


Breakfasts vary around the world vary wildly from place to place. Here, in Italy, a quick sweet pasty is a beloved first meal of the day and GALLIANO is THE place to go if you want to try an Italian-styled breakfast.

Majority of pastries in GALLIANO are based on our special short crust pastry. Every day we prepare it with special secret formula that Elisabetta and Barbara will pass it to their children when they grow up, just as we have been doing for 4 generations now. Each pastry we create is perfect for Italian style breakfast, midday snack or a dessert to have with the coffee. There are also gluten-free options to choose from!

If you feel like eating a puff-pasties, croissants or cream-filled cookies, you couldn’t choose a better place to have it. You also MUST try our newest cake- fondant au chocolat: a squared chocolate cake, soft inside and a bit crunchy outside. Unforgettably good taste!


Every morning our trusted bakery provides us with freshly prepared focaccia, bagels and other salty delights. We fill it with cold cuts, vegetables and cheese and you can choose between traditional, whole-wheat or cereal bread! Behind our counter you can also find salty puff pastry filled with either mozzarella and tomato sauce or spinach and ricotta cheese.

Following and listening to our customers’ requests we created new sandwiches for vegetarians and vegans. So whatever your preference is, you can easily find it in GALLIANO and enjoy your favourite type of breakfast, lunch… or even dinner.

We got fresh flat bread everyday
One of our fruit tarts.


If you don’t have time to prepare a cake for your dinner party, come to GALLIANO and pick up your favourite cake. We can advise you which size of cake would be perfect for you and your guests.

You can choose from a selection of fruit tarts, based on one and only short crust pastry tiramisu or typical for Versilia region- zucchotto.

Vegan pastries

Our choice of non-animal-derived meals grows as the demand is growing. You can try our vegan products that don’t lack the great GALLIANO taste, perhaps side it by a cappuccino with soya milk…?

Whether it’s an intolerance or a choice, in our pastry section you can find a selection of products, both sweet and salty, containing only vegan products. Milk, eggs and other dairy products have been eliminated to offer a choice that embraces nature.

Vegan croissants, vegan tarts with jam and also vegan focaccia with vegetables and vegan cheese is what we offer you.

And people who have gluten intolerance will be able to enjoy our Budino di riso  (rice-custard shortcrust pasty) and a range of pastries specifically for them.

In our café you can find a selection of vegan products.