Rice pudding

Taste the richness of minimalism

“The King

It’s the king of our pastry-making. The specialty that has always distinguished us and the reason why so many people come to visit us from all over Italy.


Prepared following an ancient family recipe that has its roots in the second half of the nineteenth century, it contains only ingredients of exceptional quality, starting with a careful choice of the flour and the butter used. Although the preparation technique has been refined over the decades – even by virtue of an exponential increase in production – every single mold is molded and filled entirely by hand, as we did seventy years ago, when we started to produce them.


For many years now the rice pudding is praised by Gambero Rosso in its authoritative guide to the best bars in Italy, and for us it is a source of great pride and satisfaction.

The perfect synthesis of tradition and excellence, which sees this cult of pastry unchanged since we exist.

VIP Gallery

There are many celebrities who have made us the honor of delighting our palate with one of our puddings and the long-standing partnership with the Lucca Summer Festival by D’Alessandro & Galli has strengthened this synergy.


There are numerous artists who have performed on the stage of the best italian summer music festival and who wanted to taste this product, always served hot and fragrant, now becoming almost like a sort of ritual. Even the mighty Rolling Stones have found a pack of puddings in their dressing rooms at the end of their concert in September 2017 at the Historical Walls!